Eating Healthy Changed My Life

Ugh. I don’t ever want to be sick again.

You’d feel this way too if you were me.

Someone who people deemed as “always sick”. Someone who couldn’t risk being around runny nosed children because there was no doubt that I would be catching whatever they had.

I became determined to discover if it were possible.

“How to never get sick again.”

This was my google search.

(SN: I know I’m not the only one that takes whatever they’re going through and curiously types it into google.)

Anyway, what popped up for me on this search changed my life.

I ended up learning so much more than I had expected which is what I’m going to share with you today.

But first, quick question..

Did you know that fruits and vegetables are good for you? Of course you do! We all do.

The real question is then.. Why does optimal health seem like such a mystery for the vast majority of us?

It seems like a simple equation when you really put some thought into it.

But we don’t. Do we? We wait until we’re fed up or things seem to be going awry to think more critically.

Because you’re here, I assume that you’ve reached that point.

I’m not judging.

It’s better to be fed up and learn something new and life changing than not and remain stagnant.

I’ve been where you are and it’s not too late for you.

Ok, back on task.

What I Learned

My search results on that sad sick day lying on my couch led me straight to “Super Immunity” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

“What!? Super Immunity. Is this really a thing?!” I wondered. I didn’t know, but I was anxious, excited and even desperate to find out.

After a quick skim of the synopsis I purchased the book.

I read it, implemented it and this is what I found out:

  • Everything that I was eating was actually working against my general well being and immune system.
  • Great mental and physical health is not some big scary mystery, our health outcomes are not all luck of the draw and we don’t have to sit around in fear waiting to see if some health tragedy will strike or not.
  • Everyone is capable of having a strong immune system that protects them from not only the common cold/flu but cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc.

Our health is in our hands.

Are you seeing how this information was life changing yet?

Let’s dive a bit deeper

Before this new and profound understanding of my immune system I ate processed food the majority of the time.

My favorites included “foods” like Hot Cheetos and Top Ramen Noodles. A more well rounded meal in my eyes was something like Tyson brand baked chicken legs, boxed Riceroni and a can of green beans simmered in butter and salt.

I got sick a lot. Like twice a month every other month a lot.

But that was just the way it was. That was my norm. Everyone new it. What can you do?

Turns out.. a lot better.

The Unlucky Few

I used to think that some people were just more lucky than I, that some got sick often and had crap immune systems and some didn’t because God loved them more or something.

Illnesses like cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure scared me because in my eyes no one was safe from them.

You might just get it, you might not.. Good luck!

But no.

Turns out there are some mighty protective actions we ALL can take to prevent these things from ever ailing us.

We can make it so that even if we do get a common cold it will last for literally 24 hours or less. Gone before we can even get snug in our beds ready to check out of life for a week.

What a relief.

Eat a Healthy Diet

You’re smart.

By now I’m sure you know what “Super Immunity” revealed to me:

Eat a healthy diet.

You’re right.

I learned how absolutely crucial foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans are to my immune system, mental health and overall well being.

I implemented this information by doing a complete diet overhaul (I told you I was desperate).

I added a large salad to my daily food intake.

I stopped poisoning myself with junk food like hot cheetos and top ramen.

I started eating 3 well rounded vegetable and fruit focused meals per day and stopped snacking all of the time.

I’ve only gotten one cold since.


And it was because I had fallen off the band wagon for awhile (rebellious human stuff).

That one off cold was a wakeup call and reminder that led me right back on track to what is now my new normal.

I went from two colds every other month to ONE in years.

I cracked the code.

Forever Changed

Not only did overhauling my diet change my immune system quite drastically, many other benefits continue to reveal themselves.

For instance:

  • I have more energy than I sometimes know what to do with and feel more motivated than ever to be productive and follow my dreams.
  • I no longer go through periods where I feel unexplainably down or depressed.
  • I am confident that I am protected from the many illnesses and viruses that those around me seem to become plagued with.
  • I feel empowered and like a leader because I have made this transformational choice for myself, choosing to stand out and be an example for those in need.
  • I’m able to deeply appreciate the simple things, especially in nature as my mind is clear.
  • I lost all of the excess weight I had gained from being so sickly and unmotivated.
  • I finally simply feel good.

Truthfully, the list could go on and on.

The Raw And Unfinished Mission

It’s mind boggling to me how I was completely oblivious to how damaging my diet was. I saw nothing wrong since it was what I grew up eating.

Even though I was sickly all throughout my childhood, the diet and well being link had never clicked no matter how much I knew that ‘eating your vegetables‘ was ‘good for you‘.

It’s interesting how something that seems so common sense now, had completely evaded me.

That’s why I created this blog.

I know a lot of people have been or are walking in similar shoes.

I can tell by most people’s reactions to what they see on my plate.

That’s ok. I mean, you don’t know what you don’t know.

The problem for me is how many people WANT to know but continue to suffer due to this lack of knowledge.

The ones who genuinely want change and would make those changes given the right information and a little guidance.

Life can seem so unpredictable and in most ways, it is. But suffering is not inevitable.

Let me make it clear that..

There are things we can do in order to better our quality of life.

We can stop unknowingly doing those things that go directly against our wellbeing and begin doing more of the right things to experience what it feels like to truly LIVE instead of leaving these things up to luck, fate or randomness.

More is in our hands than we know.

A truly healthy diet is where we start.

If you’re interested in the book I mentioned above, please read it. It dives deeply into this topic, backed with heavy research and statistics. I recommend it to anyone interested in experiencing the benefits listed in this article but who is also interested in the science. Click here to grab it now.