Taking Your Attention Back From The Internet: 5 Powerful Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a robot..

More and more of our everyday lives are turning digital. These days we can use a device for almost anything. 

Because of this, many of us are finding ourselves lost in the online sauce more often than we’d like to, causing our real life connections to suffer.

Love is only a double tap away! 

Or so it seems. But if you’re here, I’m sure I don’t have to explain why this is dangerous to our well being. You feel and know that you need real physical connection in order to thrive as a human. 

So here I will present to you some rules and boundary ideas you can use to limit your social media use and take your attention back. 

This will help you feel more balanced and alive. This will help you feel more.. Well.

If Life is Interrupting Your Screen Time, Take That as a Sign

Tend to your real life. 

Especially when it’s calling out to you. 

There are many times when I’m locked into social media and a friend calls. I ignore it. My child comes into the room urgently wanting my attention. I say “One minute sweetie”. 

My brain is literally hurting and crying out to retreat and I’m like, “Just. One. More. Minute.” 


If the life in front of you is crying out, listen. 

I believe God is always speaking, but are we paying attention? Maybe the interruption is a sign.

Skip a Day

Discipline. Good ol’ discipline. This can be a fun and possibly challenging way to build it. 

How difficult would it be for you to  retreat from your devices every other day?

Consider the fact that your followers probably won’t ever notice, but your brain will. 

Your loved ones, too. Especially if you’re being intentional about the time you spend with them instead.

Things you can do in place of checking your phone constantly? 

  • Read a book
  • Take a walk
  • Phone a friend (even better, go hang out!)

The possibilities are honestly endless & I’m almost sure there is SOMETHING that you keep putting off. 

Do it instead.

Also, you can play around with this and tailor it to your needs.

For instance, instead of skipping a day you can decide to only go online once a day in the mornings for a specific amount of time. 

Be Intentional About Your Time Online

I know that I want to use my time online to build an online wellness community and business. My main objective is usually to engage with likeminds and post helpful content.

 Doom scrolling is not apart of my plan and is highly counterproductive. 

When I’m being intentional, I already know what I’m going to post or how I’m going to engage before I open an app like Instagram or Twitter. 

I make a plan and stick to it. 

Not only does this stop me from wasting my precious time, I end up feeling productive, which helps build my self esteem.

Set a Timer

Set a good ol’ timer. 

This may be all you need, my friend. 

It’s so easy to lose hours to social media and random browsing.

One click leads to another, then to another and another. 

One minute you’re searching up a recipe, the next you’re on the recipe author’s grandma’s cat’s Instagram page. 

The worst part is that you started this browsing bonanza at noon and now it’s 3 (PM or AM.. I’m not judging).

Not to mention how terrible you feel that you wasted so much time zoned into digital life and out of touch with the real world around you. 

Do this. Before you even open any apps, set a timer on your phone for how long you feel is reasonable to do what you need to do (don’t worry, it will run in the background while you do it). 

When the time is up, take a break for at least 10 minutes. 

If you’re not done, return to the task when you need to, setting another timer right beforehand. 

I tend to do this in 25-30 minute increments. I’ve found that 30 minutes is a good point to stop for me, because that’s usually right when I’ve reached my limit. 

I start to notice fatigue in my eyes or start getting side tracked and a break is much needed. 

Which brings me to my final idea!

Listen to Your Body

Our bodies are always sending us messages. 

The thing about us humans and the culture we  have created for ourselves, is that many of us have lost the awareness of what is being communicated (social media does not help with this). It’s not exactly something most of us are taught about so we end up living pretty disconnected from what’s going on with our bodies altogether. 

Usually we lean on the side of going a little too hard and pushing a little too much for the sake of pleasure or productivity. 

So here are some things I’ve learned to pay attention to to remind me that my  body has had enough of the old internet.

  • My eyes start to hurt or feel fatigued
  • My mind starts comparing my life to that of an influencer’s highlight reel
  • I start feeling anxious (shaking my leg, biting my cheek, etc)

I know when these things start happening my body is over it and I need to tend to myself before things really go awry.

To Sum it Up

We could all use more presence and mindfulness in our everyday lives. 

We truly underestimate the effects that the internet and social media have on our overall wellness. 

We can get so sucked in and not even realize what we’re doing and how distracted we are. 

Mindless browsing on the internet takes away brain power we could be using for more important tasks and connections. 

So use some of these tips if you find yourself being more sucked in than you’d like to be. 

I truly hope this was helpful for you.

Be well.